Studium Generale KU 4078, Gibran Huzaifah, Become a Solution for Fish Farmers with eFishery Technology

Friday, 16 April 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB – Agriculture and Fishery sector becomes one of Indonesia’s economy sector which is considered to have minimal technology innovation, unlike other sectors. This was revealed by CEO and Co-Founder eFishery, Gibran Huzaifah when he was the main speaker at Studium Generale KU 4078, recently (14/4/2021).

“Indonesia has huge potency in fish cultivation. Until now, there are still a lot of fish cultivators who feed in the traditional way, so that the results of cultivation are not optimal. What I see about this problem is that the technology isn’t appropriate. Not to mention that there are environmental problems caused by the traditional fish feed,” explained Gibran. 

EFishery is claimed to be one of the biggest producers of technology in fish cultivation and recognized nationally and internationally. To Gibran, innovation at the level of farmers, especially in rural areas, is very important. This involves huge society consumption of daily food needs. For this reason, through eFishery, Gibran hopes to provide solutions with technology that will make farmers easier to process their fish.

Since founded in 2013, eFishery has continued to develop with an innovation called Smart Feeder. This tool is an automatic feeding technology which able to record feeding data until fish growth. Not only that, but Gibran also said that eFishery continue developing to become the first Aquaculture Intelligence company in Indonesia. Not only doing revolution in technology innovation, eFishery also provides a solution to solve the bigger problem in the aquaculture sector in an integrated manner from upstream to downstream. 

“So far, we’ve helped around 2000 fish cultivators in Indonesia. As for the coverage area of 28 provinces and more than 120 cities in Indonesia. If at the first time we create the solution for traditional feeding, for now, we also make cooperative to help the financing of the cultivators,” said Gibran. 

All successful efforts that he has successfully built are not without painful stories. To him, the college days in the School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB is an important period and determines his future. The moment where he had hungry for days until he continued to survive on the sidelines of his commitment to not depend on his parents, shaping his character and power struggle today.

The key to the birth of innovation is because we are close to the problem. When I was a college student, I always found problems that eventually lead me to find solutions for my life. The things I learned from starting this business from zero is to start from small things, and right away. The hardship moment that I’ve gone through also helped me to find WHY in this life. Why do I go to college, why do I have to try, why do I live here. If we found a strong reason why are we trying, then we can definitely live it,” he closed.