ITB Students Win First Place in Schneider Go Green 2021 and Represent Indonesia at the Asia – Pacific Event

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB – ITB student team, Carragenergy consists of Yumna Dzakiyyah (Electrical Engineering 2019) and Richie Fane (Industry Engineering 2019) win first place in Scheider Go Green 2021 competition recently. This also make both as Country Winner Scheider Go Green 2021 and will represent Indonesia in Final Region for Acia – Pacific.

At that competition, Carragenergy team make organic rechargeable battery. Uniquely, this tool utilizes organic electrodes and a solid-state electrolyte biopolymer from red seaweed extract.The tool named “Carrageenan” is expected to be solution for green, safe, and sustainable energy.

“Starting from the fact that waste battery treatment in Indonesia is very bad and requires large costs for its management, we are interested in finding solution to support the available of sustainable green energy. On the other hand, Indonesia has abundant natural wealth, one of which is seaweed, but its utilization is not optimal,” explained Yumna.

Through literature studies, discussion with mentors, and prototypes, she and her team discovered an interesting fact. The fact is that when seaweed is extracted, it results good conductivity and it has the potential to become a material in Electrochemical Energy Storage. Her team assess Schneider Go Green as a big opportunity to accommodate this idea and as a step forward to manifest the idea. 

Her team has prepared since January. Starting from brainstorming ideas and validating the ideas and for the prototyping is started from March. Even though they won the championship, Yumna admitted that her team had encountered problems. One of them is the limitation of direct testing due to pandemic. At that time, Yumna’s position was in Central Kalimantan, whereas Richie was in Jambi.

“Our location which far from campus certainly makes it impossible for us to do laboratory test on campus. This is a challenge for us to keep doing prototype of product in this limitation. Through some approach, finally we can do simple prototype to test our hypothesis with available tools and materials,” said Yumna.

She said that Schneider Go Green is a global competition which held by Schneider Electric and AVEVA. This competition is intended for students to foster interest and facilitate young generation to take part in finding solution in energy management and industrial automation that are efficient and have positive impacts on the environment through Bold Idea. Schneider Go Green is also a part of Schneider Electric’s global commitment in opening access to energy for everyone. 

“For this year, all activities starting from Country phase, Regional, until Global is held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic,” she concluded.