ITB Thematic KKN 2021, Serving the Homeland

Saturday, 24 April 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

Bandung, DITMAWA ITB - The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic that are still hitting Indonesia have not stopped the steps and efforts of ITB students to serve the community. This is implemented in the Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) program with a new concept.

The Chief Executive of ITB Thematic KKN 2021, Salman Farid, revealed that this program is a forum for students to be able to implement their competencies while they are ITB students. On this occasion, students were also able to actualize themselves, to create synergy with the community. This is expected to trigger student awareness of the condition of the surrounding community.

"Through this activity, it is hoped that ITB students will not only get technical lessons but also hone their competency skills, organizational skills, to build their reasoning power. So that they can create solutions to the problems they find in society," explained Salman during the Opening Ceremony of ITB Thematic Community Service 2021 today (24/4/2021).

The event with the theme Ngabdi Ka Lemah Cai (Serving the Homeland) was also held with two concepts: Regular and Collaboration. According to the ITB Thematic KKN Lecturer, Dr. Epin Saepudin M.Pd, participants who take this course will be allowed to be part of one of these concepts. Thematic KKN, said Epin, is a curricular activity based on community activities. This activity consists of 3 stages, starting from class lectures, program implementation, to reporting.

"This activity is not only developing knowledge but also developing the personality of the participants. With current conditions, there are indeed some concept changes, it can be done offline or hybrid. All adapted to pandemic conditions as well. In addition, this year the Thematic KKN course is given a weight of 4 credits so that students are more flexible in designing programs and implementing them to contribute to society," said Epin.

Meanwhile, ITB Director of Student Affairs Dr. G. Prasetyo Adhitama M.Sn said the Thematic KKN was an activity projected for the future of ITB students. Their soft skills will greatly help ITB students when they are pursuing a career and return to society.

"Thematic KKN is an important subject because it integrates the abilities and expertise of students according to their study program with community activities. There are two objectives from different perspectives: first, from the perspective of students, this activity can help them in the learning process. Keep in mind the perspective of the community that this is a form of dedication to the homeland," concluded Prasetyo.