Making Data Telemetry, ITB Students Become Runners Up in Shell Eco Marathon

Monday, 26 April 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB – A total of 20 ITB students who were under the auspices of the ITB Rakata Team won 2nd place (Runner Up) in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition some time ago. One of the Rakata members, Alexander Fernando Lauvandy, said that his teams made a paper or document that consists of the idea of using data telemetry to improve team performance. 

He said, in the category, he participated in, the target was an idea of using data telemetry to improve team performance and vehicles in competitions. His team was asked to design the telemetry data and the way to use it. Both in the forms of idea or implementation. 

“Searched indicators are which data is used by data telemetry at this time. Moreover, how does the team utilize the data, until the expected outcome from users from the data utilization,” he said.

According to him, Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual international competition that is always followed by ITB Rakata Team. Every year, Shell Eco-Marathon always conduct energy-efficient vehicle race with various categories, and there is also an off-track race which more than a vehicle race. Due to the pandemic situation this year, Fernando said that there are far more virtual competition schemes with one additional category is the Data and Telemetry Award which the second position was won by Rakata ITB this year.

Even though they have reached satisfactory results, but Fernando admitted he and his teams had encountered difficulties in finding the specifications of the goods that matched their needs. In addition, another obstacle is the inability to test the idea and tools designed due to the short time.

“This pandemic also makes it difficult for us to access the test-drive in campus because of the strict health protocols. So that there is no data that can be analyzed to answer the 5th indicator. Therefore, we took data sample which provided by Shell-Eco Marathon community for our analysis,” he said.