ITB Student Team Wins 1st Place in LKTI ECIVE ITN 2021

Saturday, 01 May 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB - Three students of the ITB Civil Engineering program, Yolanda Lisu Sumbung, Cevin Hartanto, and Gabriel Alessandro Martin won 1st place in the ECIVE 2021 Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) held by the Malang Institute of Technology (ITN) recently (24/4/2021 ).

On this occasion, the team named Kuya Pemaknaan wrote a paper titled "Innovation of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Materials and Technologies". According to one team member, Yolanda, this contains innovation in one of the concrete materials. Her team had the idea to replace cement with GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag) with burnt medical waste (Bio-Medical Waste Ash). This innovation was made with the awareness that in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic the amount of medical waste increased significantly.

"Before joining LKTI ECIVE ITN, we also participated in essay competitions and national conferences held by other institutions. Incidentally, the two competitions discussed the construction sector's efforts to combat climate change. The difference is, ECIVE ITN emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly concrete, while the previous competitions did not provide specific topics," explained Yolanda.

After participating in the previous competition, she admitted that her team was increasingly interested in environmentally friendly construction. Especially when one of the team members received information that ITN was also holding competitions with similar themes. Therefore, the team finally decided to take part in LKTI ECIVE ITN. By making preparations for approximately one month, her team prepared various information and presentation materials.

"The committee gives us a value based on the assessment parameters which are divided into an assessment of the paper and an assessment during the presentation. The results of the assessment given not only belong to our group but also belong to other participants. When compared to other teams, our group has the highest scores both in writing and during the presentation," she said.