Studium Generale KU 4078, Umar Khayam - Learning to Love Indonesia

Saturday, 01 May 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

Bandung, DITMAWA ITB - In our everyday life, information is often presented about the current condition of the nation and state. However, under the pretext of being busy, his own country Indonesia feels far away. This was revealed by the lecturer of the School of Electrical and Informatics Technology (STEI) ITB, Dr. Umar Khayam ST., MT, as a speaker at the Studium Generale KU 4078 virtually some time ago (28/4/2021).

"The country that we stand on, in fact, feels very far from our daily lives. Even because of our busy lives, we don't realize that we are part of this nation. This should allow us to contribute to the development of Indonesia,” said Umar.

Learning to love one's nation should be one of the efforts that must be made as a citizen. According to Umar, this can only be done through a process of awareness that begins with a strong intention, determination, prayer, and a relentless effort to contribute to the country. He said, there must be real work done to spark a love for the country.

With all the potential of its natural wealth and human resources, said Umar, Indonesia should be proud and adored by its citizens. Umar hoped that society could tolerate the shortcomings of a nation. Not only that, these shortcomings can be used as a push so that society can be motivated to contribute and provide solutions to the nation's problems.

"Indonesia has a very large authorized capital. With all the potential of its cultural and intellectual property, we should be able to see that this country can develop much more rapidly than it is today. We also have to realize that in the midst of the current non-ideal condition of the nation, it is not a final condition. There are always opportunities to improve the future of this country,” said Umar.