12 Outstanding ITB Student Finalist Compete for the 2021 Pilmapres (1)

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB - A total of 12 ITB student representatives from each Faculty/School conducted presentation and interview selections in the event of the 2021 National Outstanding Student Election (Pilmapres). The initial selection event was held by ITB on 18-19 May 2021, and the results of the selection had the opportunity to advance to the next round. namely the 2021 Pilmapres which is planned to be held next September.

Head of Sub Directorate of Society and Student Achievement, Directorate of Student Affairs (DITMAWA) ITB, Srimiati M.Si said, the 12 students were suggestions from each Faculty/School in ITB. These students are selected students who pass the initial administrative selection, which will then be submitted to DITMAWA to further select.

"The selection this time was carried out online. If the selection results narrowed down to 6 students in the previous year, now 12 selected students can take part in the further selection. These students are given guidance and provision of various materials, such as national insight, writing scientific papers, to the English Language," explained Srimiati.

Not only that, to add insight into the selection at the national level, DITMAWA ITB also held a sharing session with the 2020 National Outstanding Student speakers. This was intended so that the finalists from ITB could learn and get an idea of the selection process at the national level.

In the selection process at the ITB level, 12 students were allowed to present their superior achievements and creative ideas. According to Srimiati, these two things have a fairly high assessment weight, including how students communicate in conveying their ideas in front of the jury online.

"Hopefully, with the provision that is sufficiently mature and the preparation time is long enough, there will be ITB outstanding students who are also superior not only in the academics but also have an impact on society. Hopefully, from the results of this selection, ITB students who will be selected to advance to the national level can achieve the best results," she said.

The selection for the ITB level was accompanied and assessed by 5 judges with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences. Among them, Director of Ditmawa ITB, Dr. Prasetya Adhitama M.Sn, Lecturer at School of Business and Management (SBM) Sonny Rustiadi S.E., MBA, Ph.D. CBAP, Lecturer in Mathematics from FMIPA Dr. Gantina Rachmaputri M.Si, Lecturer in Geology from FITB Dr. Eng. Very Susanto, as well as the Head of Counseling Guidance, Ir. Hendri Syamsudin Ph.D.