Here are The Top 4 Outstanding Students at ITB 2021

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB – The 2021 ITB Outstanding Students selection process is tight. Of the 12 students’ representatives from each Faculty/School, judges finally establish the top 4 outstanding students of ITB 2021. The 4 students are Angelica Wiliana (SITH), Fandi A Wiranata (STEI), Ilham Subandoro (SBM), and M. Firman Nurudin (FITB).

According to the representative of the 2021 ITB Outstanding Students Judges, Dr. Eng. Very Susanto, these 4 students were given the opportunity to improve their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the portfolio, especially in the field of excellence. This is intended to improve the judges’ assessment. Any claim of achievement or competition is required to include proof of awarding the certificate and be signed by the organizer and write a link about the followed activities. 

“The top 4 is not final results. This means the score of these 4 students probably changes and this will have an impact to the final results. Hopefully, after this announcement, the 4 outstanding students who have been selected can contact the ITB Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) and consult with the supervisors of each student,” explained Very after announcing The Top 4 of Outstanding Students of ITB 2021 on Wednesday (19/5/21).

Meanwhile, The Director of ITB Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) as well as the 2021 ITB Outstanding Judges, Dr. G. Prasetyo Adhitama M.Sn, said that there are several assessment factors that outstanding students must have. In addition to the percentage of the assessment in superior performance and huge creative ideas, Prasetyo also hopes that ITB outstanding students also have good achievements in social, student activities, good soft skill, and can implement their academic knowledge to the community.

“It is hoped that from the passed selection, we can see the uniqueness and students’ achievements besides their academic. Indeed, we also refer to the outstanding student’s profile which is by education goals. I hope ITB’s outstanding students can also do well at the national level elections,” said Prasetyo.

After passing the rigorous selection, the 4 outstanding students at ITB level will be given coaching. Furthermore, the students will be re-selected to determine the ranking at ITB level whereas the 1st winner would represent ITB to compete in the 2021 Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional (Pilmapres), which hold by Pusat Prestasi Nasional RI.