Enlarging Career Opportunities Through Virtual Japan Information Session ITB 2021

Sunday, 18 July 2021 - Anne Rufaidah
Translator : Ditmawa ITB

BANDUNG, Ditmawa ITB – Held since July 16, 2021, ITB Career Center held a Virtual Japan Information Session ITB 2021. The event, which lasted for 3 days, presented various information and profiles of Japanese companies, both located in Japan and Indonesia.

The event, which was held virtually through the virtual website, presented a series of activities in several menus. According to the Head of Sub-Directorate for Professional Development and Entrepreneurship, Directorate of Student Affairs, Sonny Rustiadi SE, MBA, Ph.D., CBAP, this event is a historic milestone for the ITB Career Center because it is the first step in starting an International professional preparation program for a career in Japan.

“This activity is part of a series of ITB graduation events in July 2021. The presence of this virtual exhibition is a job fair devoted to Japanese companies, both those located in Japan and those with representative offices in Indonesia. In this event, various activities are integrated, such as promotional activities, exhibitions, company presentations, and interviews in one activity event," explained Sonny.

The event, which is in collaboration with the Japanese Literature Study Program, Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) also presents various information about life, communication patterns, and work culture in Japanese companies. The head of the Unpad Japanese Literature Study Program, Amaliatun Saleha, M.Si, Ph.D., said that the collaboration in organizing this exhibition opened up the wider network between Unpad and ITB.

“I hope that this activity will be the door to start more collaborations between Unpad and ITB. Especially with the MBKM (Independent Campus Independent Learning) program, this opens up opportunities for the creation of other programs, "said Amaliatun.

Not only collaborating with Unpad, in the implementation of this virtual exhibition, ITB Career Center also invited the Japanese Culture Unit (UKJ) ITB. The head of UKJ ITB, M. Arya Ibnu Rahman, said that as the frontline students who are interested in Japanese culture, his party welcomes this exhibition activity. This is because many ITB students are interested in working for Japanese companies.

"With this event, it is hoped that our interests and aspirations to continue our education and career in Japan can be smoother," concluded Arya.